GEORGE MICHAEL - You Have Been Loved

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She takes the back road and the lane<br>Past the school that has not changed<br>In all this time<br>She thinks of when the boy was young<br>All the battles she had won<br>Just to give him life<br><br>That man<br>She loved that man<br>For all his life<br>But now we meet to take him flowers<br>And only God knows why<br><br>For what's the use in pressing palms<br>When children fade in mother's arms<br>It's a cruel world<br>We've so much to lose<br>And what we have to learn<br>We rarely choose<br><br>So if it's God who took her son<br>He cannot be the one living in her mind<br><br>Take care my love, she said<br>Don't think that God is dead<br>Take care my love, she said<br>You have been loved<br><br>If I was weak, forgive me<br>But I was terrified<br>You brushed my eyes with angels wings<br>Full of love<br>The kind that makes devils cry<br><br>So these days<br>My life has changed<br>And I'll be fine<br>But she just sits and counts the hours<br>Searching for her crime<br><br>So what's the use of pressing palms<br>If you won't keep such love from harm<br>It's a cruel world<br>You've so much to prove<br><br>And heaven help the ones<br>Who wait for you<br><br>Well I've no daughters I've no sons<br>Guess I'm the only one<br>Living in my life<br><br>Take care my love, he said<br>Don't think that God is dead<br>Take care my love, he said<br>You have been loved<br><br>(george michael/david austin)

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