GEORGE MICHAEL - Spinning The Wheel

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Spin the wheel<br><br>Five o'clock in the morning<br>You ain't home<br>I can't help thinking that's strange<br>Baby I just want you to know<br>I won't go through it again<br>Yes, those clouds are closing in<br><br>Chorus<br>And I will not accept this as a part of my life<br>I will not live in fear of what may be<br>And the lessons I have learned...<br>I would rather be alone then watch you<br>Spinning that wheel for me<br>+<br>You've got a thing about danger<br>Ain't you getting what you want from me<br>You've got a thing about strangers<br>Baby that's what we used to be<br>You've got a thing about danger baby<br>I guess the hungry just can't see<br>One of these days<br>You're gonna bring some home to me<br><br>Six o'clock in the morning you ain't phoned<br>I can't help thinking that's strange<br>It seems that everybody takes<br>Their chances<br>These days<br>Oh yeah, we're standing in the rain<br><br>Chorus<br><br>How can you love me<br>When you are playing with my life<br>You say give me time and I'll do better I swear<br>Give me time and I'll lead you back to despair<br><br>And I don't want to go back there<br><br>(george michael/jon douglas)

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