GEORGE MICHAEL - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

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Papa was a rollin` stone<br><br>It was the third of september<br>That day i`ll always remember, yes I will<br>`cause that was the day that my daddy died<br><br>Never had a chance to see him, no<br>Never heard nothin` but bad things about him<br>Mama, i`m depending on you to tell me the truth<br>Mama just hung her head and said<br><br>Chorus<br>Papa was a rollin` stone<br>Wherever he laid his hat was his home<br>And when he died<br>All he left us was alone (repeat)<br><br>Hey, mama, is it true what they say<br>That papa never worked a day in his life<br>Some bad talk going around sayin`<br>Papa had there outside children<br>And another wife<br>That ain`t right<br><br>Heard some talk about papa and his storefront<br>Preachin`<br>Talkin` about saving souls and all the time<br>Leaching<br>And dealing in dirt<br>Stealin` in the name of the lord<br><br>But mama she just said<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Say, I heard my papa was a jack of all trades<br>Is that what sent papa to an early grave? <br>Folks say papa would beg, borrow or steal just<br>To pay his bills.<br>Hey, mama, folks say papa was never much on thinkin`<br>Spent most of his time chansin` women and drinkin`<br>But mother, i`m depending on you to tell me the<br>Truth<br><br>But my mama she just said<br><br>Chorus(2x)

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