Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks - When You Come Back To Me Agian

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There's a ship out on the ocean at the mercy of the sea

It's been tossed about lost and broken wandering aimlessly

And God, somehow You know that ship is me

Because there's a lighthouse in a harbor shining faithfully

Pouring it's light out across the water for this sinking soul to see

That someone out there still believes in me


On a prayer in a song

I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on

Raining down agianst the wind

I'm reaching out until we reach the circle's end

When you come back to me agian

There's a moment that we all come to

In our time and our own place

Where all that we've done we can undo

If our heart's in the right place

Repeat Chorus

Again and again I see

My yesterdays in front of me

Unfolding like a mystery

You're changing all that is and used to be

Repeat Chorus

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