Gangsta Blac

Gangsta Blac - V-Dog And Da Gangsta (featuring V-Dog) lyrics

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[Verse 1: Gangsta Blac]

Stressed in the party back and now I'm the one that took to long

Can it be I'm crunk and or is it that Big Chug is passin' on

Family, friends, hoes, all ah my niggas ridin' rollie vogues

Ridin' pass me hollerin' at me bury me a snizote hoe,

Hard headed nigga bitch, die by the trigger trick

Chillin' wid my nigga Slick, kickin' pimpin' on a brick

Every fuckin' day, Parkway chiefin' plenty hay

What ya gotta say, Gabay where a nigga stay

V-Dog's comin' at ya wid the mind of lunatic

Bitch you cannot fuck with this, standin' with the pistol grip

Loadin' up my shells, I smells me an enemy

Damn if a nigga don't die 'fore he get to me

Ride with the Luger let it go, let it fuckin' go

Man if for bricks, aww shit, we be in this hoe

Down 'til we die, stay high never fuckin' play

Killers on the realer motherfucka South Parkway


V-Dog plus the gangsta done kick that bitch in

Damn man, them fuckin' niggas done struck again

(Call the police and tell them watch your back)

[Verse 2: V-Dog]

We from the South part ah town where the police we hate

Ah lotta niggas die young ah lotta bitches get raped

So if you violate fool, your ass we gon' chase

Nail ya coffin' up, blow, shoot bricks in ya face

This shit is serious motherfucka, so bitch listen up

South Memphis in this bitch fool and we clickin' up,

Real niggas out the midnight roamin' the streets

It's nuthin' but real around

None ah you hoes won't get chance to sleep

So close them curtains, and make sure all them doors locked

Cause when we rush up in that bitch fool somebody gon' drop

Call the police motherfucka, we don't give a fuck

You betta have a cellular phone cause all them phone lines is cut

Lock your door, a note left on the dresser

Face down on the floor, is where I left her

Changed clothes in the alley, my body was numb

Call the Gangsta, yeah fool the job is done


[Verse 3: Gangsta Blac]

People all up in my head, put my cousin down to sleep

Vietnam, here I come, see if you can deal with me

Anna's in the air, all you smell is the scent of shit

*Gunshots*, Kill you just for the fuck of it

Pop I blow I smoke, I blow I smoke 'em out there just like grass

S-P-V, R-I-C, creeped up on your monkey ass

Mitchell Heights, B-V-D, L-M-G, and many more

S-P-L might as well get it cause you know the score

Buck fuck stuck wid a duck, I don't need this

Big business motherfucka be a witness

I was a fool cause back in school didn't learn shit

Totin' a jewel it was a rule in the South shit

B is for Blac, but I be back, wid some real shit

V is my dog, and he be strapped, wid a full clip

G-A-N-G-S-T-A comin' from South Parkway

Smokin' on a blunt ah hay,

Damn what another say, BITCH!

Hook (2x)

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