Gangsta Blac

Gangsta Blac - Sth. Mem. (featuring Playa Fly) lyrics

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[Gangsta Blac]

Welcome to my battleground, ready I'm going to start it off

ended with the silent sound to tear this bitch from wall to wall

nigga now my frame of mind, to keep in mind the casualties

If that click click quick to trip, bitch it be the tragedy

S.P.V. we market thee

down for doing what it takes

no mistake, cause bitch we walk the thin from day to day

careful for I'm fucking with, always watching what I say

Ten-Toes soldier, down for doja, cause if I do is where I lay

STH. MEM. Bitch it aint no testing these

dollar bills we folding, still control what ever fucks with me

dirtys in my fucking face, Mitchell Heights to buck it up

Treatin Loderdale the BDL will urk and hender us

BDL mean break da law

see and tell them what you saw

see they fucking with me, cause Gangsta Blac gonna set it off

got time damn near every day, every spot I'm in da house

bitch we play no games hoe, I just one up out the Dirty South, nigga

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

STH MEM where I come from

Time for some action one for all, all for one

[Gangsta Blac]

To every extreme measure

whether it be casualties from your side of the line or mine

I'm in the line of duty amputations by the tooley

Dirty South here to ruley, consequences moody

multiples of gorillas in sequence deep in the evening

let them bitches mangle even they fucking ????? was bleeding

We just infected the germ, feed the maggots and worms

taking turns dance around the fire while the bitches flag burn

Hence these stripes of a South Memphis nigga I earned

marched through the fire ???????? then yall learn

No glory bringin them warriors to this ignored clan

I can just hurt em' man

waiting on them six bets, we sticking like leaves on some doja

elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder

holla God S.P.V. and Louderdale, we hot to death

ride or die STH. MEM. Life or death. YES YES YES!!

Cool Bee:

Cheafin hay everyday the Southpark way

I keep the nine on my side nigga everyday

you can call it what you want, so nigga let what

I'm with the Gangsta Blac in da S.P.V. we getting buck

I'm smoking green with them thugs showing love

from the A-T-L to the S.P.V. Cool Bee be coming up

Light up the sticky sticky

Bee getting high with the Gangsta Blac, defining wicky wicky

see me and my nigga nine, smoking on chronic sack

Cool Bee with the S.P.V. my nigga aint having that

I was raised a bastard child

I represent ghetto style

nigga please I'm about that cheeze

no enemies I don't need

Put your pistols in da air mane, time to go to fucking war mane

I'm gonna keep it real to the end mane,

my glock protect my best friend mane

they say I'm totally insane, with this pit bullet I'm locked mane

a nigga get love in the streets mane,

cause a nigga gotta get that cheeze mane.

[Chorus] (Repeat 2x)

[Playa Fly]

Disaster for the master, my Mafia every laughter

600 block Southparkway, Fly rizay none after

I'm S-T to Iz-H; MEM. You hizay

I'm M to the 3z84 in one dizay

remember the Backyard which started all this chaos

Then Gangsta wrote the lyiroc, now Flizy got ya'll hizot

my nigga wont have to plan it and Fly can understand it

with mista nigga nizow, will jump clean off this bizness

come on here Tony Bizone, lets Mae until we gizone

bump earth up off it axis and make your bizness knizone

and keep movin izone for Bill Chill and Oweeme

and all of my flizokes who liz up to sizem

now say what I mizeam, mean what I sizay

do shizot in Mempho the Village Southparkway

form jinzin to hizin from hizay to bizay

I stomp from MEM. STH. STH. STH.

[Chorus] (Repeat till song is over)

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