Gangsta Blac

Gangsta Blac - Scared Of Me lyrics

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Hook (2x):

I, I, I think they scared of me [call the police...]

I, I, I think they scared of me [call the police...]

I think they scared of me [call the police...]

[Call the police and tell them watch your back]

I think they scared of me

[Verse 1: Gangsta Blac]

Shit walkin' through some razor blades, JB help me find my way

Taylor B done slipped and made a poet wid a babyface

Mastermind wid plenty game, shattered wid no sinners man

Campin' lyrical out the deal just waitin' on some money man

Screeler check my afterburn, shit I just had an ooze

Made a quick maneuvre to enchance the dance I'm used to do

Split up all your fuckin' word, cut dem from all in your back

Platinum on my stat and trimmin' joanin' diamonds Gangsta Blac

K-C-D we're P-A-D, K-C I think it's over wit

Three Six grinnin' tap it up an artifact of rockin' shit

Hate this shit, slap this bitch, dis the bitch just like it is

'Quipped wid gamers think they doin' favours tryna knock a nig

In this for a meal ticket, ain't no time I gotta kick it

But when this is over and I smile you cannot get about,

Whoopin' lookin' thuggin' muggin' trillin' will,

Blast and blastin', if you scared,

Call the police and tell them watch your back

Hook (2x)

[Verse 2]

I keep my lyrics clocked on safety down to punish niggas daily

Down to get off in your shit, bumpin' real hard like dicks

?How been it? can't fuck wit me, playa a capital P

Light that ass man where's the fire, dangerous wid M-I-C

Technical diffi-culty, bump me out nigga no please

Pass me some ah that green weed, I show you how buck I be,

I am the bitch made nigga killa,

I can't stop til I make screeler nigga, go fuck around nigga,

Cut up sideways deal wid my way nigga rock the town

Stand my ground, romp around, nigga get 'em down,

Easily, we'll agree muh'fuckin' what they said

Bloody red from your head, yeh I think they scared

Nigga you scared cause when I blast your whole team fled

Me and my niggas and glocks gon' leave your body soakin' wet,

Kick, in, the, door, wit the 4-4,

Terrified when I creep, from, the back hoe

[Verse 3: Gangsta Blac]

Kickin' down doors, peelin' wood up out the floor

Doin' shows and fuckin' hoes, Taylor Babies and some Mo

Father figure for a nigga daddy had to lay them low

Clearly pushin' information like they hatin' on that joan

Mentally I say disturb, troubled brain in this man

I ain't out to please, nah motherfucka in this game

Just a fact and not a act, fuck wit claimin' but do you,

Do the same chain gang, know my name, through and through

Mr.Blac, on a mission takin' time, droppin' rhyme

Thumpin' bumpin' backroom jumpin' sumthin' sumthin' for your mind

No Versace straight up thug, no Cristal, drink a bub

Like tonight maybe the mic gon' hype and place 'em where they were

Dreamin' schemin' life ain't right, every word done miss a beat

Pen and papers once I got them halloweens and trick or treats

Nigga uhh, nigga what, give a fuck, on tv,

Gimme one, for some terror motherfucker he wid me

Hook (til fade with different scratches and variations)

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