Gangsta Blac

Gangsta Blac - Blaze Up Anotha One lyrics

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[Blac talking]

Yeah up in this motherfucka

G-A-N-G-S to the motherfuckin' A motherfucka

I got my brother Cool B, my nigga Berm on the side ah me

Dre house, my cousin K-Mud throwin' thug, S-P-V motherfucka


Bla, bla, blaze up anotha one trick

We ain't finished yet,

Fuck that busta kill that sucka

Fuck that busta kill that sucka

Bla, bla, blaze up anotha one trick

We ain't finished yet,

Fuck that busta kill that sucka


[Verse 1]

Creep up on yo funky ass, yeah I got a careless nigga

Blast four times to the spine, now a dead nigga

Broke out, my bank real quick, blaze anotha one

Smellin' dead bodies mixed wid weed psychopathic son,

My brother gon' smother motherfuckas for the fuck of it

K-Mud ever thug, crackin' scrugs, tyin' up some shit

Jumpin' in the rental Continental hit the town right

Twenty-one, dollars in my pocket makes a long night

Climbin' while I'm drivin' motherfuckas we be gettin' it on

Just awaken shaken once again, so you know it's on

In the hood, crazy motherfuckas born night and day

Gangsta just be one, out the pack, straight from Parkway

Tanqueray, sippin' city dippin', keep my game strong

Ignorant ass bitches interferrin' but I'm smokin' on

Never let anotha motherfucka come and disrespect

He die if I'm high, blaze anotha we ain't finished yet, bitch!

Hook (2x)

[Verse 2]

Chiefin' hay, every-day, the Southern way,

Totin' nines I'm color blind, I'm straight for mine

You can call it what you want, I really don't care

The life I live is motherfuck it, a do or dare

A couple ah jackers, I need some cheese wid my crackers

I'm tryna stack up, my dividends to the max

Don't try to test, without no fuckin' bullet proof vest

Boom, boom, boom, another bloody murder mess

No time to waste, my face paste wid ah frown

A madman, only weeeeed can calm me down

No love for scrubs, cause scrubs ain't never did shit for me

No love for the other man,

Cause the brother man lives the world so lonely

A nigga lim' dimin' late night climbin' as chief Blac would say

And nuff respect to my niggas on South Parkway

Yes we be chiefin' hay every motherfuckin' day

Yes we be doin' it the Southern way nigga

Hook (2x)

[Verse 3]

Rumblin' through the cars just like a blind man

My destiny is to get paid understand man,

A mister motherfuckin' genius, I fuckin' mean this

True to this game cause I'm a thug, doped out on drugs

My nigga B he got a juice, and some ah that hype

Lil Man know when it be on cause it's a quiet night

A dice game whip ya 'erves, what's up my nigga

Tay Baby got some fuckin' hyper if you smokin' nigga

Inspect the Gangsta once I change, I thought you knew

Go tuck your nuts cause ain't no guts, up in this fool

But to my niggas who be jailin', like psycho P

And Hardtime and Dunno D, up in the streets

We standin' down 'til they act up, I pull my gak up,

If they get shot up cause they fucked up, without they nuts up

Cause ain't no suckas in this hood, it's all good

Don't try to change the fuckin' channel, I wish ya would

Hook ('til fade variations camp; talking)


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