Funkoars - Reign On The Masses

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Let it reign on the masses

Let em pay cashless, let em give away assets

Let em renovate truth, get away with the blueprint design to intimidate youth

Let em figure it out, let the planet drip away you'll get a vivid account for real

Let them vote for their soulless side - while the greats sit back and they're suicidal

Drop that crazy verse and anybody squable over who be hanging you first

Survival the remedy, while the creeps and the weak can at least seek divinity

Let em seperate, giving bread to virmin, let em spread the germ and never learn to see

Let the church collapse with the PM in the back clapping his hands to THE SOUND OF THE...

Let it reign on the masses


Let it reign on the masses


Let it reign on the masses


No time to lose, cut the bullshit

That's all the Oars trying to do - let it reign on em

Let em fall the fuck back

Private schools so they can afford to suck that

Hedge manager wang, my deed is to damage and bang

The 9 to 5, mother fucker work site - I work mic

Give me a ink line, let em put their form in

Let em leave work early - no need for the foreman

Let him die without a word from the church

Let him buy what he makes of his work

Let em watch while I disrupt fairplay

Kidnap Paris, give her parents bad hair days

Watch the mirror for that mad man

Got the spirit? No not the shivers

The drive to suicide, pill pass the fuck out

When I die let em praise the cardboard cut-out

They got no better, stack em, check em

Go down in history as the immaculate erection

All believers say:

Na na na na na na na na na na

All the heathens say:

Na na na na na na na na na na

If you act sane, and the weight of the world ain't nuthin but a mother fucking back pain

Go go go go go go go go go

"Let it reign on em"

I let em slave over 40 hour minimum wage

Until their eyes popping out like they've been pilling for days

Turn 60 - start digging your grave

Retirement's great - as long as you actually reach the age

I've paid cheques, some people's main purpose in life

I'm more like P, my purpose if for working a mic

Kill my nest egg, guess I ain't nurcha it right

Bought a shitbox car and box of bourbon dry

Let the cigarette help bring the end of their world

It's like ten bucks a day but that ain't their problem

They pay more at the pump for a bullshit war

That Bush trying to do what wasn't done before

Let em pay on credit when they're buying retail

Let em forget about sweat shops - just a minor detail!

They pied piper, conform to the norm

So let's stick it right up em, keep supporting the Oars now

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