Funkoars were founded on the unique personalities of four individuals. These larger than life musicians were drawn to each other not just from a love of music, but their light hearted and jovial outlook on life.

It’s these personalities coupled with their prodigious talent that has brought Funkoars their success. The energetic and humorous nature of their lyrics is not something that can be emulated. While they may sometimes walk the thin line between disgusting and ludicrous, it’s been this cutting edge mix that has brought their music so much attention.

The Oars’ achievements extend beyond their works as group. Trials is also a prolific producer, having crafted tracks for the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Cross Bred Mongrels, Vents and most recently Drapht‘s album Brothers Grimm. Both Vents and Drapht have had massive success with their respective Trials produced singles, ‘Love Song’ and ‘Jimmy Recard’, added to high rotation on Triple J.

Now one of the country’s most sought after producers, Trials has his plate full for the immediate future with a new Vents album on the books and a side gig as a dispenser of no-nonsense advice in rhyme form in his regular column for Ralph magazine.

Not happy to rest on their past achievements or be pigeonholed by critics for their inimitable style, the Oars have evolved yet again and will bring a brand new sound to the table. The Hangover is poised to be the most talked about hip hop album from Australia in 2008, hands down.