Funkoars - And Now For Something Completely Different

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[Verse 1: Trials]

Hey fuck you we crush crews the oar way

I'm sicker then using period blood for war paint

Fans rush the stage then half these ladies

Got fucked, got dressed, and left with bastard babies

These days I never chase women

'cause thats like playing rock-paper-scissors, Limbless

No use and thats an easy mistake

I treat a rapper like a habit, both easy to break

I say take one look your dealing with a heavy weight

Suffa got a bed but I gotta bitch in every state

Strap the latex I'm the pin prick between safe sex

and having to take an aids test

I can say Cdub is holding em' back

The only thing holding em' back is being overly wack

Hey messing with the oars of funk

You get crushed like you gave Big Pun the top bunk


So shut the fuck up.

Funkoars pound the stage until the floor breaks

So get the fuck out.

Yeah we drink the rum until its out the bail

So what the fucks up.

To my crew in the front row we ain't never gonna fall off

Fuck no!, fuck no!, fuck no!, fuck no!, fuck no!, fuck that!


Now you left in a daze

Never step on stage

Now you left in a daze

Mic weapons engaged

[Verse 2: Sesta]

I'm coming in and on em anonymously, not monogamously

Get off the top and then they're leaving with their novelty

Honestly got no property

Thats a problem for someone dumb enough we want ya company

Fucking me dont mean loving me, fuck it

I dont want no bun in the oven so face fuck em

Say she love it but she makes her weight to the bucket

Chuck it, but I ain't the greatest of nothing

But shes on her fucking knees like she's praying or something

Eight in the door rushing, gatecrashing the floor

It's nothing but oars and their mates and they may take it all

Praise the lord for the drunks and the town of drunks

With the town slut doing an in and out when they found us

Or see me kicking it drinking with village idiots

Screaming their innocent while spewing up bile into em

Or getting violent and swinging nine irons

At bystanders and fans at random on the land



[Verse 3: Hons]

Check it out now I'mma tell you what the oars about

We about to milk this scene dry and take the carcus to the slaughter house

Shit you ain't thought about the crew that cats talk about

On stage in your city until the mic cords start shorting out

Turn the heat up, Semi x turn the beat up

Flux fresh on the scratch like a car thats just been keyed up

And you need more then luck if your ripping Honz

The punchlines that I deliver hit harder then Whitney was

Work a shitty job, 5 days and 50 bob

And after debt collectors I got just enough to get written off

My crew the dirtiest, Funkoars you heard of us

Second album down by now you know our purpose is

To take this scene over - who the fucks gonna stop us

When half the cats that enter battles these days are fucking soft cocks

We get you open like a fresh beer

So ahead of our time we the number one crew of next year



Tell your team I bring harm and never take that risk

Put the scene in my palm and then I make that fist

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