FRANK ZAPPA - Dumb All Over

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Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)<br>Ike willis (rhythm guitar, vocals)<br>Ray white (rhythm guitar, vocals)<br>Bob harris (boy soprano, trumpet)<br>Steve vai (guitar)<br>Tommy mars (keyboards)<br>Arthur barrow (bass)<br>Ed mann (percussion)<br>David ocker (clarinet, bass clarinet)<br>Motorhead sherwood (tenor saxophone, vocals)<br>Denny walley (slide guitar, vocals)<br>David logeman (drums)<br>Craig steward (harmonica)<br>Jimmy carl black (vocals)<br>Ahmet zappa (vocals)<br>Moon zappa (vocals)<br><br>Whoever we are<br>Wherever we're from<br>We shoulda noticed by now<br>Our behavior is dumb<br>And if our chances<br>Expect to improve<br>It's gonna take a lot more<br>Than tryin' to remove<br>The other race<br>Or the other whatever<br>From the face<br>Of the planet altogether<br><br>They call it the earth<br>Which is a dumb kinda name<br>But they named it right<br>'cause we behave the same...<br>We are dumb all over<br>Dumb all over,<br>Yes we are<br>Dumb all over,<br>Near 'n far<br>Dumb all over,<br>Black 'n white<br>People, we is not wrapped tight<br><br>Nurds on the left<br>Nurds on the right<br>Religous fanatics<br>On the air every night<br>Sayin' the bible<br>Tells the story<br>Makes the details<br>Sound real gory<br>'bout what to do<br>If the geeks over there<br>Don't believe in the book<br>We got over here<br><br>You can't run a race<br>Without no feet<br>'n pretty soon<br>There won't be no street<br>For dummies to jog on<br>Or doggies to dog on<br>Religous fanatics<br>Can make it be all gone<br>(I mean it won't blow up<br>'n disappear<br>It'll just look ugly<br>For a thousand years...)<br><br>You can't run a country<br>By a book of religion<br>Not by a heap<br>Or a lump or a smidgeon<br>Of foolish rules<br>Of ancient date<br>Designed to make<br>You all feel great<br>While you fold, spindle<br>And mutilate<br>Those unbelievers<br>From a neighboring state<br><br>To arms! to arms!<br>Hooray! that's great<br>Two legs ain't bad<br>Unless there's a crate<br>They ship the parts<br>To mama in<br>For souvenirs: two ears (get down!)<br>Not his, not hers, (but what the hey? )<br>The good book says:<br>(it gotta be that way!)<br>But their book says:<br>Revenge the crusades...<br>With whips 'n chains<br>'n hand grenades...<br>Two arms? two arms? <br>Have another and another<br>Our God says:<br>There ain't no other!<br>Our God says<br>It's all okay!<br>Our God says<br>This is the way!<br><br>It says in the book:<br>Burn 'n destroy...<br>'n repent, 'n redeem<br>'n revenge, 'n deploy<br>'n rumble thee forth<br>To the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side<br>'cause they don't go for what's in the book<br>'n that makes 'em bad<br>So verily we must choppeth them up<br>And stompeth them down<br>Or rent a nice french bomb<br>To poof them out of existance<br>While leaving their real estate just where we need it<br>To use again<br>For temples in which to praise our god<br>(cause he can really take care of business!)<br><br>And when his humble tv servant<br>With humble white hair<br>And humble glasses<br>And a nice brown suit<br>And maybe a blond wife who takes phone calls<br>Tells us our God says<br>It's okay to do this stuff<br>Then we gotta do it,<br>'cause if we don't do it,<br>We ain't gwine up to hebbin!<br>(depending on which book you're using at the<br>Time...can't use theirs... it don't work<br>'s all lies...gotta use mine...)<br>Ain't that right? <br>That's what they say<br>Every night...<br>Every day...<br>Hey, we can't really be dumb<br>If we're just following god's orders<br>Hey, let's get serious...<br>God knows what he's doin'<br>He wrote this book here<br>An' the book says:<br>He made us all to be just like him,<br>So...<br>If we're dumb...<br>Then God is dumb...<br>(an' maybe even a little ugly on the side)

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