Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown - The Promise

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The calmest, it's not a threat, it's a promise, yeah

Who be the, mahogany, mami, the slanted eyes

hold it down, Boogie Fox, you bitch niggaz strip

You web niggaz dead on, get fucked and wet on

Shitted on, I want a low, fuckin wit Don

like Ronald, thirty inch, fortistrano

Mill-ion, sophisticado, ill movado

The Firm's baby girl, my fam be my whole world

It figures, cause she'd die for them niggaz

Doe or Die status, ma-ma be the baddest

From Brook-lyn to Queensbrige, it's pure Havoc, Havoc

We on a job, fuckin wit Mobb

They had the drop on em, the slanted eyes peep the rocks on em

He kinda jig, and he bubblin big

Dig a hole holdin, so's watch his cash start foldin

And bet though, twenty G craps wet though

Nas you shoulda seen the nigga jet though

Had it on blast, shoulda seen me shakin all of my ass

Of course me, I threw the gas, thug nigga turnin real saucy

Firm lay low I'ma play if you say so

So stay close like I'm bout to twist babe bro

I laid it down, went a couple of rounds, and tried to flaunt him

I threw it on him, now he's right where I want him

Got my mind in crooked ways

Saturated up in Alize, you ain't a threat nigga

So get big nigga baby girl crossin over send your soldiers

Toucha fuck a rusher, this world is colder

like a, day in December 25th Son I got gift

from monkey, motherfuckers, that wanna rip

Get your shit split, pushed back, grill that ass don't look back

Respect this, like a Lexus repo man I took that

Five cats to death dog, like shop I'm gonna set more

handwritten obituaries vocal through my chords

Lights out... just pull the nines out

Let's find out, pointin shook ones, they pointin dimes out

It ain't hard, straight up and down, you get your deck pulled

My hand is full, of fake niggaz I position

Expensive intuition fuck a rap competition

Gat expo, get a grip and never let go

The tet blows, the rapper Noyd said, "That ass is wet though"

Triple P, paranoid plus petrol

Scared to death, put the pedal to the metal

Ghetto connections, Audi 4, take your section

You only get once chance, ain't no second guessin

We blessin, peepin your style, them never testin

Lessons of life walk the night witcha weapon

Fox Boogs, whattup, they get the jack, what the fuck

Lucked up, the thug nigga took a L nigga bitched up

The snake niggaz slither like Jake, ain't all great

Ain't no threat Dunn, fuckin with them niggaz that's fake

They got though, pushin a 850 auto, they sayin nada

They know The Firm gettin nachoes

Cheddar like whatever, I see money frontin in the Land

I got him, I got me a fuck and his man

Murderous mami, I threw the kiss, he was hist'

Oooh, shoulda seen that ill Roley on his wrist

It seem like he fuckin wit cream somethin mean

You'll be straight with his eight, and dead him on all his heron

Realistically, papi, is history, mami

I got this, chill Pa Pa, let me rock this

I'm fuckin wit fours to cock this, let me plot this

ice he nuttin nice, if he front, take his life

At the Shark Bar, fuckin wit Duke, him and his mans

Really frontin boo, got him the red velour Filas too

Here come my niggaz now in the black Hummer stuntin

Yeah that's The Firm, jig the fuck up and body sumpin

Whattup now Duke, his eyes cried from the inside

I seen all of his fears cause he about to fry

He looked at me, through his right eye, was like

"Mami why?" I felt fucked up, I can't lie

He was shook, 'Mega opened his chest, ain't nuttin left

but the sky blue Land, and that niggaz last breath

Last breath...

Yeah, it's not a threat

Uhh, Mobb Deep, Havoc, and Foxy

Duo, uhh, sick to death baby

Firm, Escobar 600, Sosa, Mega, Ice

Grand Wiz where you at baby?

Queensbridge, Don 'pu

The whole Brook-lyn, pretty boy

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