Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown - Saddest Day

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Foxy Brown.. Wayne Wonder..

Puttin it down.. whoa-oh-oh-oh.. c'mon

But the saddest day of my life

was when she left me with a broken heart

I was feeling the pain - the pain, the pain

The saddest day of my life

was when she left me with a broken heart

I was going insane - yeahh-yeahh

Now I'm the type of bitch that's one of a kind

Y'all know, the kind of bitch that like to sip that fine wine

Like to be on top or, get it from behind

Either way I throw the pussy like the free throw line

Break a nigga spine, tote a calico and dare

any bitch fi come try test mine

Violate, one time, I cock the nine

You, motherfuckin right I bust a bitch over mine

Shit, niggaz can cheat and put tips in bitches waist

But when we slip up, get a gun in our face

Have me missin show dates, heart beatin slow pace

Wonder what he doin, who the fuck he screwin

Bitches ain't shit; know that that's your man

and they still fuck around and try to suck the nigga dick

And I'm a bad bitch, I don't play that bullshit

Bitch'll catch wreck, I ain't got a full deck nigga

Ever since I was a little girl, always wanted to know

How the fuck these niggaz think, why de man a move so

Why would you jeapordize your whole life

Fuckin one bitch for one night; blame it on the liquor

How would you feel if I fucked another nigga

and told you that that motherfucker made me cum quicker?

You'd probably grab the gat and put two in my back

One in my face, nigga but it's one in my waist

Go 'head and slip, watch me shut down this bitch

Cheat on who? Nigga I'll be gone before you

And when you with the one you love, disrespect the game

'fore he drive you insane, losin your fuckin brain

Foxy Brown.. Wayne Wonder..

Puttin it down.. whoa-oh-oh-oh.. c'mon

For months I used to cry, felt like I wanted to die

Kept asking God why, do I deserve this?

We all make mistakes, ain't nobody perfect

We're human, and through it all, I remained a good woman to you

Prayin for strength and losin my faith

How could you lay in our bed and lie in my face?

Jumpin out my sleep

Havin nightmares of me tossin and turnin, my heart still burnin

Watchin me suffer, relivin my fears

Holdin my pillow close while you dryin my tears

Stop your blood claat cryin, need to stop lyin

and look me in my eyes 'fore these plates start flyin

And how the fuck could you disrespect us

Everything we stand for, all our love and our trust

Seems like I said before, you won't appreciate me

and everything we have 'til I'm out the fuckin door

Try to erase, all the memories

They're the ones they gon' see

If I could forget, all about the past

Oh no no no - how long will this go onnnn?

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