Following their formation in December 1991, FLEURETY set the tone with their first demo, "Black Snow" (May 1993), which offended the entire Norwegian Black Metal clique with what was apparently deemed unreasonably high-pitched vocals. Typically unabated by the controversy, salt was added to the wound in the Autumn of 1994 with the release of the blatantly titled "A Darker Shade of Evil" 7" ep. This was essentially a re-run of the demo, except that with an improved production.

In the Summer of 1995 Misanthropy Records (in conjunction with Aesthetic Death Records) released the band's debut album, "Min Tid Skal Komme", this time to be met with critical acclaim on account of the avantgardistic nature of the music. A period of non-creativity ensued, which for obvious reasons led to non-creation - save for that arising from members' occupying themselves with other musical projects: Nordgaren spent time on his solo project I LEFT THE PLANET and played live guitar with MAYHEM, while Hatlevik recorded an album with the Industrial / Noise outfit APHRODISIAC (on Misanthropy Records' sublabel, Elfenblut) and joined DØDHEIMSGARD.

In June 1996 and in the Autumn of 1997, however, FLEURETY recorded the tracks that appear in the mini-cd "Last-Minute Lies". The first recording session included vocalist Ayna Johansen and saxophone player Mari Solberg, in addition to the regular crew, and resulted in a song called "Vortex". This song was perceived as so inedible that Supernal Music decided to sign them. The other two songs were recorded with the aid of vocalist Karianne Horn and again saxophone player Mari Solberg.

In the Summer of 1998, FLEURETY entered Jester Studio (where ARCTURUS' "La Masquerade Infernale" was made) to record their second full-length album, "Department of Apocalyptic Affairs", assisted by a number of friends and acquaintances whose names will be familiar to most: Einar Sjursø of BEYOND DAWN, Carl Michael of VED BUENS ENDE / AURA NOIR, Maniac and Hellhammer of MAYHEM, Sverd of ARCTURUS, Garm of ULVER, Carl August Tideman of ARCTURUS / TRITONUS, and Knut of ULVER / ARCTURUS; plus vocalist Vilde of the dark Gothic/Electro act MAGENTA, the bass player of the Norwegian pop/rock act EPHEMERA, Karianne Horn and Mari Solberg (as on the current mini-cd), and two other singers.

Due to logistic complications arising from the band members' being occupied with their studies, and each currently residing in different countries, plus fist fights, knife fights, and other disagreements between the label and the band, both the mini-cd and the album have been somewhat slow in coming. However, "Last-Minute Lies" emerges at last to put FLEURETY back on the map and tie fans over until the long-awaited album, scheduled for release on the very eve of the Apocalypse.

Line up: Alexander Nordgaren: guitar, bass. Svein Egil Hatlevik: drums, synthesiser, vocals (occasionally).

Source: http://folk.uio.no/sveineh/fleurety/releases.htm