Fireflight - Prove Me Wrong lyrics

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Fresh tracks of tears upon my face

Trace the pain I can’t erase

I shut the door and lock myself in

I try to hide the shame I feed

Bleed the source of my disease

I don’t think love can go where I’ve been

There’s just no hope that I can see

You prove me wrong, you prove me wrong

When I’m fighting for my broken heart

I tear my whole world apart

You prove me wrong, you prove me wrong

You see the me that no one does

And you show me at last I can be loved

Swallow the memories that hurt

Burn the pages and unlearn

This mask I wear I’ve worn for too long

You found a way through my regrets

Spread the light to guide my steps

Out of darkness to where I belong

I can't fall when you carry me

I thought there was nothing left

I thought all my hope was dead

You brought me to life

Your love’s become the air I breathe

You mean everything to me

I am finally free from the lies

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