Fireflight - Dying For Your Love lyrics

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I’m dark inside, it’s where I hide

I lie in waiting, never changing

I’m the only one to blame

You pull me through the pain I choose

I’m calling to you, be my rescue

I’m the only one to blame

(I’ve betrayed) You’re still waiting

(Turned away) Always waiting

Wherever I hide you always find me

(Push and shove) You still love me

(Self destruct) Always love me

Please take my control

I am dying for your love

A ray of light cuts through the night

Fire burning, never changing

You’re the only hope for me

Now I’m awake, don’t want to wait

I’m reaching for you, I know I have to

You’re the only hope for me

If I run to the ends of the earth you will find me

(When I fight you, you hold me more tightly)

There is no escape from your love

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