FEEDER - Descend

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Sitting back I only wish<br>Today will turn out fine<br>And wash away the stain<br>The poison in my eyes<br>What do you recommend? <br>I feel my life descending<br>I'm falling out of reach<br>Catch me as I bleed (again)<br><br>Im not insane<br>Can't reach the pain<br><br>Chorus:<br>If I could be all by myself<br>I could be me<br>If you could see, live with my pain<br>The thoughts that I keep<br><br>I hate the way they are<br>Their patronising thoughts<br>Tried to get inside my head<br>Ask the question I have read<br>But one thing makes it hard<br>Feel so fragile as I cry<br>So confused yet so alive<br>So abused the system lied<br>You lied to me<br><br>I'm not insane<br>Can't reach the pain<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Alone ....alone<br><br>Hands appeared around my neck<br>Felt so hard to breathe I stared<br>As my focus turned to haze<br>I could see them<br><br>I'm not insane<br>Can't stand the pain<br><br>Chorus

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