fantasia - Ugly

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Couldn't have been but a hundred pounds soakin' wet

All stressed out and worried Podunk, Missouri

And I don't know how or why or when her daddy left

But he drove off in a fury, she grew up in a hurry

Now skinny jeans and Maybelline

Make pretty girls do crazy things

Teenage tears and bathroom mirrors

Will stick with u throughout ur years

Picket fence, two car garage and a man that she don't love

But he makes six figures, and she thought he'd fix her

But that iron gate feels more and more like an old bird cage

Than a way to keep out the danger, so she takes to liquor

All the champagne brunches and upper class shine

Can't keep a woman satisfied, swimmin' pools and bow and braids

And the baby thinks mama's the live in maid

If u as me, I think it's ugly (so)


Give me a rusty old rain silo

Give me good food that sticks to my bones

Thank u for that good, good man who loves me

With dirt on my hands and scrapes on my knees

The feelin' at night when I wash it all clean

I'm tellin' ya girls, it's a beautiful thing

Trust me, it's far from ugly


Eighteen wheels and an open road

I sing my songs all across the country

Cause these people trust me


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