Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino - When I See U (Remix)

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I Put Your Picture On My Mirror,

Start To Blush When Somebody Says Your Name

In My Stomach There's A Pain

See You Walk In My Direction I Go The Other Way

I Start To Stutter When I Speak

Try To Stand But My Knees Go Weak

What Happening To Me In The Dark Can You Tell Me What It Means

I Lay My Head On My Pillow

Staring Out The Window

Wish On A Star For A Sign

It's The Reason Why

Your Always On My Mind

When You Come Around I Get Shy

When I See You, When I See You

Never Know When You Might Walk By

So I Gotta Be Right On Time

When I See You (Ok, I Told Ya'll...)

When I See You (I Wouldn't Do This, But..)

(Here Goes Nothing)

Lets Go,

When I See You Baby, Look I See Us

Remix For The Radio, So I Can't Cuss(Haha)

We Focus Right Now, Baby I Can't Talk

You Know I Got That New Coop Girl, I Can't Walk (Woo)

Truth Is, I'ma Call You Later

I'm On The Grind Right Now, Trying To Tget Htis Paper

I'm In The Streetz All Day, I'm Just Trying To Eat

You In The Bed All Night, You Just Trying To Sleep

It Aint Like I'm With That Chick Form The Other Side Of Town (Town)

It Is What Is, Baby Wipe Me Down (Yeah)

You Think Back, How It Was Without Me

And How Everything Is So Thug About Me (Whats The Reason Why Yeah...)

Something Now Is Taking Over Me,

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

I'm Not Going Run I'm

Just Go To Stand Here And See Yeah



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