Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino - Two Weeks Notice

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The love that me and you shared expired

So there will be no renewing our contracts

And I aint got nothing since I've been hired

So I cant take you back

I done gave love and got no commission

So give me one reason why I should stay here

I thought compared to all the other guys you were different

But I cried the same old tears

I cant take it, I cant do it no

This is my two week notice

I resign my position because

You aint treating me right

I been working on the job

Just busting my ass

Pleasing you everyday and night

I get no raises or no benefits

You stay with this establishment

Im gone, this is my two week notice

I'll be a fool if I took u back boy

Even though I love u I cant be that dumb

Cause I can do bad all by myself

I don't need no help

The days over and done

Its just a matter of if I leave you now

Maybe you will recognize the good you have

Aint it ashame that u took advantage of me

And you should not be mad

I don't want the job no more

See you hurting me

Packing up (and I walking out)

Aint no stressing u (cause its over)

Must be Gone (as we finished)

Because I did my best (now its ended)

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