Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino - Trust Him

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Lately I have been myself,

Cause I met the man of my dreams.

See his words are perfection,

He says all the right things.

I look forward to his kisses,

Everytime that I open my eyes.

It's such a wonderful present,

It's like a beautiful suprise.

See I don't know what it is but I trust him

(Trust him)

With all of my love, with all of my love.

And I all really wanna do is touch him

(Touch him)

If it isn't too much if it isn't too much.

See I just wanna be around you dear,

365 days a year.

I wanna share my whole world with you,

Baby I'm so glad you're here.

I get mad when I think about it.

For pourin' out all of my soul,

That I wasted on them other fellas,

Should've met a long time ago.

I know it's kind of scary of the both of us,

I make it just another cause I'm so in love.

It's true. And baby you don't have to worry,

I can spend the rest of my life just getting to know you... Yeahhh

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