Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino - Overload

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<!-- start of lyrics -->

Whoa hoa, whoa hoa, whoa hoa, whoa aaah

<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

I know im not weak

These are heavy thoughts

Weighing on my mind (Oh aaah)

I got cargo with me

All these memories feel

Like a thousand pounds (Oh aaaah)

In my bed tryna sleep

The ceiling lowers down

I feel it on me now (Whoa oh aaaah)


I can read verses

Further and further

I just can’t do this alone

I just can’t do it alone

I can board airplanes

Higher and higher

I just can’t move em alone

I just can’t move em alone

It’s too heavy for me


Overload, overload, Overlo—oad

Take over for me

It’s too heavy for me

Overload, over load

I know superman won’t save

But can somebody lend a hand

It’s too heavy for me

Overload, Overload, Overload

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

Drag my life along

By the end of the rope

Ima make it by

I’m trying

On the other side

Someone’s tugging hard

Only getting stronger (whoa oh aaah)

Balance bricks on my shoulders

With concrete in my shoes

I’m not strong enough

Help me out, help me out

<i>[Repeat Bridge]</i>

<i>[Repeat Chorus]</i>

<i>[2nd Bridge:]</i>

I can’t climb no mo up the world

With both my hands here holdin the world

And both my hands can’t hold up the world

It’s coming down, it’s coming down

<i>[Repeat Chorus]</i>

<!-- end of lyrics -->

<i>[Thanks to LaShay for these lyrics]</i>

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