Fanny Pack

Fannypack were comprised of singers Jessibel Suthiwong, Belinda Lovell, and Cat Hartwell, with beat-making support from Matt Goias and Fancy. The two New York DJs first enlisted Brown University graduate Hartwell to sing over their new project, which brazenly crossed L'Trimm/J.J. Fad-style chintz rap with elements of modern-day electroclash and hip-hop. Brooklyn high-school students Suthiwong and Lovell were then added, mainly for their multicultural good looks and command of street-level slang. With the provocative booty bounce of the goofy lead single "Cameltoe" burning up radio nationwide, Tommyboy smelled summertime windfall, and geared up with plans for a full-length LP and video for "Cameltoe." Fannypack's So Stylistic dropped July 8, 2003. The album received critical praise from places as diverse as Blender and The New York Times and ended up on many publications' best of 2003 lists. The group returned with 2005's disappointing album See You Next Tuesday and split up soon after its release. Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide