False Start

False Start - This Is My Life (But You're The Worst Of Actors)

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You came into my world and

You're still a stranger

I can see your heart and

I see the danger

You thought I could never know

Just let it go

The bright lights beam down

And they shine so brightly

Right upon your face

And you know it's likely

Your dreams may not come true

For you

No matter what they say

It doesn't matter anyway

All this time

I've come to find

The dream I hold

Just take your time

Shut your mouth

Don't cross the line

We were searching for it

All this time

I can see it in you

We're moving forward

Never looking back

Our hopes are now restored

So you cannot see me

No matter what you do

It is up to you

We don't care

What you say

Never mattered anyway

You can't take

My dreams away

No matter what you do

It's up to you

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