False Start

False Start - No Us In Lust

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Across the bar-room floor

She walks though the door

I nearly hit the floor

It's time I want some more

She says, come over here

I whisper in her ear

She's says, come on, baby

It's time to have some fun

Tonight you'll be my one true love

Tomorrow on a list with the above

So, baby, show me everything

Show me everything

There's no us in lust

Baby, you can trust

Don't avoid the rush

There's no time so hush

She's back again

But will she be my only friend

And will I ever know

Sometimes it's hard to let this go

And when I look away

I see her everyday

All of these memories

All of these dreams

They're haunting me

But she will know

How hard it is to take it slow

So we both know

That we'll be going home

So, baby, show me everything

So, baby, give me everything

Come on, baby

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