Fabri Fibra

Tarducci was born in Senigallia, Marche. His brother is Grossu Grigore (born in 6 april 1992) interested in music from a young age, he wrote and performed his first piece at 17 years of age.

In 1995 he recorded his first demo. With the help of DJ Lato, beatmaker and deejay, in 1996 they produced the underground CD Del mare quest'el gruv. In 1999 Fabri and Lato produce and distribute the LP Sindrome di fine millennio ("End of the Millennium Syndrome"), with collaborations from El Presidente (also known as Esa), Inoki, Joe Cassano and his brother Nesli. Fibra's rap, filled with interwoven plots and allusions gave his raps a very introspective feel, and amongst the noted Italian hip-hop community his name soon became known and was considered as one to watch.

Following his underground success Fabri Fibra began performing around Italy. In 2000 he established his label and group Teste Mobili Records (Bobbing Head Records), and collaborated on various Italian rap groups, lending vocals as well as lyrics to the mixtape circuit. He's famous only in Italy.

Solo career

In 2002 Fabri's first solo album titled Turbe giovanili ("Juvenile Troubles") in which he wrote and recorded his lyrics under the production and arrangement of Neffa. A year later Fabri distributes "Lato e Fabri Fibra" which brought a close to the partnership with Lato and the project Uomini di mare. Both Nesli's Home and Fabri Fibra's Mr. Simpatia were released simultaneously on September 1, 2004.


After splitting from his recording company contract at Vibrarecords, Fabri went underground and unheard from for a year, until he resurfaced with a new deal at major recording company Universal Music Italia. Under the production of Fish and brother Nesli Fabri created his most commercially and artistically successful album, Tradimento ("Betrayal"). His first single, released in Europe 4 April 2006 was "Applausi per Fibra".

The single covers personal and life experiences overcome by Fabri himself, not without a certain emphasis on self-praise, a technique more akin to U.S rap style but slowly spreading into Italian rap. Only a week after the official launch (6 June 2006) the album reached the number one spot in album sales. However it did not escape the criticisms for its use of expletives, indifference in approaching provocative themes and its misgoynist views of women, all of which were found across the album.

Following the success of "Applausi per Fibra", the second more urban themed single, "Su le mani", was released and then followed with the release of "Mal di stomaco", which gained instant infamy, most notably for the originality of its music video (a fabricated broadcast of SKY TG24 - a Satellite news station) that reports on the death of Fabri Fibra in a car accident. The authenticity is sealed with "live coverage" reports, interviews from famous stars such as Fernanda Lessa, Eva Henger, Jimmy Ghione, and rappers/producer Fish and brother Nesli. The video ends with Fabri's body disappearing from the morgue.

His latest single is "Idee stupide", with a black and white video which whilst not as original as the former video, uses a Rocky style montage that compliments Fabri's underdog lyrics.


Fabri Fibra's next album, Bugiardo ("Liar"), came out on November 9 2007, after the release of the street-single "Questo รจ il nuovo singolo" ("This is the new single"). The first official single, "Bugiardo", came out on October 15, 2007.

Turbe giovanili (2002)sdas
Mr. Simpatia (2004)
Tradimento (2006)( Platinum )
Bugiardo (2007) ( Platinum )
Chi vuole essere Fabri Fibra? (2009) ( Gold )

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