Fabolous - You Don’t Know ft. Meek Mill lyrics

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[Fabolous - Chorus]

Tell me what you know about this

Tell me what you know about that

Tell me what you about risk

What you know about getting back

Them niggas dont live what they rap

Them boys aint been in no trap

Them niggas dont know about this

Then boys dont know about that

Ayy, you don’t know ’bout it

You don’t know ’bout it

Tell me what you know ’bout that

You dont know nothing

You dont know nothing

You dont know nothing

Tell me what you know ’bout that

[Fabolous - Verse 1]

Hol’ up, stop the shit

Thats word to that red sign

Don’t think cause I’m laid up

I wont flatline your redline

My niggas tuck guns in

Catch you slippin it’s bedtime

Gotta kill you by a certain time

Now thats what I call a deadline

Deadline, deadline

Can’t call it like a deadline

When they hit little homie up, I was in Miami getting fed prime

Got my bitch in the studio

She the best, superheadline

Call her my little ghost rider

She help me come with them headlines

headlines, headlines

Put your name in them headlines

Niggas beefin thats cool

Just give me mine with some red wine

Shouts out to my big homie

When he left he said grind

My nigga move so much Britney Spears

They gave that boy Kevin Fed time

Fed time, fed time

Locked down all day

Real nigga, by myself, Kevin Hart wit it all day


Whoever gon night night nigga

Don’t look at that white light nigga

I’m back on this dark shit

If you scared get a night light nigga


[Verse 2 - Meek Mill]

Crutching all of these bitches

Stuntin’ all onof these niggas

Fifty racks in my pocket

Or on the way to go get it

Northside yeah we poppin’

Now, is never scared of no nigga

Catch me deep down in that jungle

With them lions, snakes and gorillas

I be ridin’ round in 4 wheelers

Drop tops and no ceilings

And I aint talkin’ bout Tunechi bitch

Ball hard but can’t hoop for shit

Thank God for this?, cause jail cells tuna fish

They locked me down in that hell hole

On state roll like a lunatic

Tell me what you know about this

Tell me what you know about that

Tell me what you know about bricks

32 racks I get you that stamped

Them boys aint totin’ no straps

Them boys aint up in that trap

Them niggas aint bout that life

Tell you ’bout that white and I’m like where it’s at?



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