Fabolous - Wolves In Sheep Clothing lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeh

Them n-ggas is talking baby

Don't listen to that sh-t

Don't mind them, they just talking baby

They know they can't f-ck with me baby

(That mean they can't f-ck with you)

You tell them like that bitch told Scarface

(What she say?)

"I don't fuck with the help"


They say they out for dead presidents, never respected

First of all, Ben Franklin was never elected

That means him and Big Bills have never connected

They just say it cause they think it sounds clever on records

Secondly, God's first should never be second

And if you living wrong, money can never correct it

I'mma say it once, then it's whoever direct it

You never get off on me, I'm never the exit

All black everything in my black V

It ain't a game and if it was, it'd be a black Wii

I'm on my "A" game, never on that "B" shit

You on that B-shit, never gonna be shit

That's how I "C" shit, cause I am "D" shit

True story, like that Hollywood "E" shit

I say "F" n-ggas cause I'm on some "G" shit

Yeah, that red-and-green stripe double G shit

That was for my homie, just know I'm thinking of you

I told him "stay on top so they can't get above you"

He told me "I dig that like a f-ckin shovel"

Why it take a n-gga go to jail to say he love you?

We be killing them, boy we be killing them!

Damn, we used to dream to have a million

Now the family get money like Will and them

Accounts rise like we filling them with helium

My baby girl got ass, it's no secret that it

Make you look away and still be peeking at it

She said they come with painted faces trying to clown on you

How they under you but try to talk down on you

You see, a rat is gonna be that and go for any cheddar

Tell my bitch that I'm no good, as if they any better!

But her loyalty keep her from them other boys

Let em holla, she just gonna exist above the noise

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