Fabolous - What It Look Like lyrics

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Looks like your mememory need refreshing

u couldnt do me if u was doin an impression.

maybe i should just press charges for swagger theft.

you fagets deaf.

if u aint hear im hot ass dragonbreath.

nah, im passed hot

im the sun's mascot

when stacks on deck im at you neck like a ascot

its loso

she already know

i said ok good tell that other hoe so

i say what up son

u whats up son

they say your swagger on viagra keep it up son

ballin is key we start the engine with buttons

this player be limpin call the engine restruttin

these party lenses is somethin

get in this benz and quit frontin

i aint gettin no younger bitch i aint benjamin button

what ever u like sharin i aint stingy with nothin

so i could dollar tip ya or either halo tip

let me kno

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