Fabolous - What Cha'll Want lyrics

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Yeah yeah

(What it look like Clue?)

Fresh off the hiatus

(Brooklyn what it look like baby?)

Hi haters

(Throw dirt on my shoulders like I'm dead)

Street Fiddadidadam

I got my..

Street Fiddadidadam

Got my..

Street Fiddadidadam

I got my..

Street Fiddadidadam

Its the capital L-capital O- capital S- capital O-

Lets go

Lets go

Lets go

[Verse: Fabolous]

I got a swag like the hustlers from Harlem had

I'm blowin' on a drag like Marley had

The bitches that I bag be Barbie bad

Not to exag

The brains like a Harvard grad

You can't rob him

Unless you got a Carbon Mag

Its not a problem

Puttin' you in a garbage bag

Try to bob him

Just like you Marvin Hagg

You can't mob him

Unless its for a autograph

I ought to laugh

Like ha ha ha ha

I'm in a Jay-Z edition Otto ma ha ha ha

New Blue Yankee Rich Yung long John

Red Monkey Jeans this shit from Hong Kong

I'm long gone


Clue let a nigga get his breath man


What it look like Brooklyn?

I got some bars for ya

I got the finance to crush him

5 grand to hush him

Niggas talk the shit its my chance to flush him

My fans'll brush him

My mans'll rush him

Imagine if I would've used my hands to touch him

Who want it with I

You run with the guy

Thats like suicide you wanted to die

Two gun if you lie

Few done it like I

Its three to look at the coupe its two hundred to buy

Yeah I'm big with the bittys

Do it big in the city

Without Jigga or Fitty

Or Biggie or Diddy

I show niggas no pity

Just figure they dritty

Send sac with the forty made me way with the fitty

They'll be gunnin' and buckin'

You'll be runnin' and duckin'

Hopin' none of 'em get ya

Its like dope when it hit ya

With the scope I'm a split ya

Send the pope to be with ya

Still you'll need doctors to open and stitch ya

Its ya boy

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