Fabolous - Welcome To My Workplace lyrics

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<i>[Announcer voice]</i><br>

He's young, he's handsome<br>

He's a poet, a prophet<br>

And many people believe he will be the champion of the world<br>


Welcome to my workplace<br>

This is my "Get Ya Ass Back To Work" face<br>

Bedroom storage, kitchen workspace<br>

Stick a finger in the pot, see how the work taste<br>


Call it rock candy<br>

When you bake cakes, you keep Betty Crock' handy<br>

They say it's best you scratch, fresh new batch<br>

Can you smell what The Rock is cookin?<br>

Wrestling match<br>

1, 2, 3, ding!<br>

We put it in the microwave, not the ring<br>

The Vince McMahon of brick weighing<br>

Make a wall outta them shits, brick laying<br>

The apartments stinker than a fart sent<br>

Like walking in Bloomingdales fragrance department<br>

You smell fumes, from hells tomb<br>

Then it gets moved to the back mail room<br>

That's where it's packaged to deliver<br>

All through the city, and right across the river<br>

Welcome to my workplace<br>

Better than MacCartney with the Beatles when I work base<br>

Get it in, get it out, steady work pace<br>

Last time it was tested, my work aced it<br>

Dude I can't feel my faced it<br>

Sat back like I am wasted<br>

The J.P. Morgan of the coke business<br>

Your moneys funny and I ain't in the joke business<br>

Hi and bye on the phone, I never spoke business<br>

What the fuck I do ain't these folks business<br>

Bitches half-naked, niggas fully loaded<br>

Speaks for itself, don't even gotta promote it<br>

This that Loso's Way<br>

Everybody want that Loso's Way<br>


<i>[Thanks to Jamal for these lyrics]</i><br>


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