Fabolous - We Here lyrics

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Ft. T-Pain

(Intro: Fabolous)

Sometimes I just look em in the eyes and say, we here

(Hook: T-Pain)

Take the good, the bad, all we had

We here, we here, we here, we here

We laugh, we cry, we gon' defy

We here, we here, we here, we here (Put em up)

Yeah we here, we here we here, we here we here

We here, we here we here, we here we here

(Verse: Fabolous)

Always in attendance, even when I'm absent

Haters see ya present, try to leave a nigga absent

Fishes on my ride, kleenex golds, that's in the cabinet

Shorty in my ride but she should be in a pageant

Hello this is Erica, should be miss America

We be in them foreign cars that make ya miss America

Probably wasn't meant to be, fuck it though, we here

How I feel mentally? Don't stay broke, repair

Make they note, [?] year, ain't no turnin' me down

I'm turnt up, we turnt up

Take it to another level, even when ya at the top

That's that Kobe system, we going over the top


(Verse 2: Fabolous)

We here foreva though, y'all here for neva though

Hating is beneath me, I say that's the Devil yo

Condo at the top, one floor down from heaven yo

All got our own cars, we ridin' together though

Shout out DJ Khaled, we the best currently

Money ain't shit, respect is the best currency (niiice)

Now ya can cash that around the world

And ya could flash that around a girl

(Pre-Hook: Fabolous)

When ya down, ya can't go but one place

And that's up, and that's up, and that's up, and that's up

I done lost and got back, but we here and we like

What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up


(Bridge x2: T-Pain)

Ya gon' be good, I'm gon' make sure of that

And I'm gon' be there where I should be at

Ya got me, wheneva, whateva, whoeva, I'm ready for ya

Ya got me, howeva, now or neva, baby I can't ignore ya


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