Fabolous - We Be Like This lyrics

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(feat. Jadakiss)

[Intro: Fabolous]

Getting it on

Brooklyn we back

Ghetto Fab


Like that I got on, I got on

[Chorus: x2]

From the rocks to the trees

We be like this

From the blocks to the P's

Streets be like this

From the cock to the squeeze

Heat be like this

Ghetto F-A-B

Keep it like this


I'm an ordinary gent, in a strawberry Bent

Air Force Ones, check out the Burberry print

It's the kid, who do you fuck with

Ya'll should stop starring, unless Gucci make bullet proof buckets

Street family boys, kisses on they cheek

And why the D.A. and see the whip misses in a week

Ghetto gotta admire, man on it like this

And Prada work, retirement plan on my wrist

Niggas don't like that I got on

It's easier to find Bin Ladden, then the nikes that I got on

I used to love apartments, now I'm laughing in a mini mansion

I feel like I'm in a glove compartment

I'm far from jealous

But you ain't smoking good if what you buy don't look like the ?

I'm the reason your chillin'

It's no problem ridin? up

Puttin' a few of these in your melon

Why I'm breezing and yelling, ghetto

[Chorus: x2]


Ay yo, never get caught holding a gram

Never take a bitch word over your man

Stay close to him

Never let em know where you live

Never let get familiar with your dough or your kids

Put the toast to em

Always stay quiet and humble

But don't be scared to take it to the knife or the gun in a rumble

I could show you how to get your neck broke

Stretch coke, the middle of the ocean on a mean duplex boat

Look here, there is no competitor

See now with the space ship doors, they open up regular

Get it on with the hard plastic

My sixteens had niggas feel like they trippin' off acid

Trust me, I can't see a loss

Know that if you wack me, you can't be a boss

Ryde or die, cry or lie, get your hustle on

Hold the block down, for life, truly yours

[Chorus: x2]


Keep it like this

Keep it like this

We be like this

Streets be like this

Heat be like this

Keep it like this

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