Fabolous - Victory Freestyle lyrics

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Yeah Funk Flex, Big Truck Series Part One niggas

Yeah F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S-

I know what they sayin' Flex

The sun can't shine forever

Uh yeah OK, yo

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

Now I hardly be parkin' in the pees

Cause the system in the SL make it shake like it got Parkinson's disease

Bout to go back to mark it in the trees

Watchin' out for narcs in the fatigues

And them markings on the cees

Catch me with a bitch in Gucci Parkas and Capris

With a set of full lips and bruise markings on her knees

Ya'll 'gon run to the precinct start talking when I squeeze

So I put snipers on the roof marksmen in the trees

Fuck you Im on some righteous

With voice command, me and my car talk like Michael Knight and Kit

Ever since they put my face on the screen

Fuck a box and a dash I stash my guns in the waist of my jeans

Niggas start nonsense again

He thinkin' its sweet get shots like you on Insulin

When I pull off the dealers lots no mileage is on it

This bad boy move with guns with silencers on it


Yeah Fabolous

Yeah Yo Flex,

We gotta write Gulliani man (for real)

Make that nigga stop,

Stop lettin' these niggas ride around on minors man

This the Big Truck Series you hear me?

20s and up

Yeah yo yeah

Fabolous the most shady


Kick a few flows so I can pimp a few hos

And I rhyme a few bars so I can buy a few cars

[Funkmaster Flex:]

Its goin' down

Funk Flex Big Truck Series Part One

Don't forget

Funkmaster Flex Celebrity Car Show baby

At the Meadowlands Convention Center

September 8 its gonna be ugly

20s and 22s only

Shout out to megaseries

As we keep this thing movin' you know what I mean?

Shout out to the Big Dog Record Pool

You know how we get down

Shout out to the Street Prowlers


Thanks to jae hood for correcting these lyrics

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