Fabolous - Trade It All lyrics

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<i>[Fabolous talking]</i>

Fabolous, Jagged Edge, don't be fool, I'd rather have you ma'

Than everything, I'd give it all, just for you, yeah

You're the one baby girl, I've never been so sure

Your skin's so pure, the type men go for

The type I drive the Benz slow for

The type I be beepin the horn, rollin down the windows for

Never been no whore

So to get you in closed doors, I buy you everything in those stores

This, that, and those yours

As long as Fabolous the only one you let that grin show for

You ain't gotta spend no more, I'm a put a rock on your hand

You ain't gotta say "we just friends" no more

I shine, you shine, it never been no flaws

I ain't like most who just wanna get in those drawers

'Cause every king need a queen

And with me and you girl I ain't tryna let a thing in between

It ain't a thing, nahmean, chicks hate, show 'em the ring and the green

And let your middle finger be seen, it's on

<i>[Chorus - Jagged Edge]</i>

Girl I'd trade it all, money, cars and everything

All, even give up my street dream (my dream)

All, anything to have you on my team (I don't care baby)

All, baby girl I'd trade it all (I'd trade it, yeah)

Even give up my good green

All, and I'd give the watch and pinky ring (oh yeah)

All, anything to have you on my team

All, baby girl I'd trade it all


Uh, don't front ma', you know the way I ball's to pick and roll

Like Stockton and Malone when we play the mall

I be goin out my way to call

'Cause I love the way your hips make your jeans seem like they too small

Them see-through tops with your titties exposed

When you kick off them shoes there ain't bitty whose toes as pretty as those

That blonde hair look good, straight down, bun or the braids

And I ain't gon' talk about them light-browns under your shades

Bust right, thus tight

Got a thick set of thighs and struts like......uh

Yo' the game taught this brother to mack

But I think I slipped when I saw them full lips covered with Mac

You got everything that others would lack

Along with the F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S

Your patience I personally admire

'Cause I started out a player now I'm 'bout to have my jersey retired, for real


There ain't no "mights" or "maybe"

I done did wrong, so I'm a make sure it's right for my baby

You know how tight that my day be

And how long and stressin them flights to L.A. be

Ain't no rumor gon' get back to your friends

Before I let a nigga disrespect you I be back in the pen

Front to back you a ten

You got me thinkin 'bout puttin a car seat in back of the Benz, uh

<i>[(Chorus) 3x]</i>

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