Fabolous - Third Shift lyrics

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(Produced by Hamsquad)

(Verse: Fabolous)

Pulling third shift outside of the chicken spot

Jimmy a king of New York but a cracker not

All black on, dark shades, no chain

Sumething bout the way he moves say he sold cane

Get my nigga work, give the lil kids dollars

Extra phone'll let the niggas doing bids holla

If hustle was religion ya'll would have faith in me

I pull money out like I got a safe in me, swish, my J's nice as shit

Life's a gamble, why not play dice and shit, I made ice my shit

Cos' getting out the hood was forth & twenty nine and I Ray Riced the shit

Watch yo money even if sumebody watch it fo' ya

Time ain't on yo side, don't let yo watches spoil

Came up hard now I goes down easy

The game on rookie mode, I'm who yo girl looking fo'


I got that hard, got that work

I got a couple draws of that perc

I got that hard, got that work

It's just anotha hard day at work (x4)

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