Fabolous - There He Go lyrics

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I'm so fly, so fly

You might see a nigga if you look up in the sky like

There he go, (there he go), there he go, (there he go), (there he go)

There go that motherfucker

I'm so fly, so fly, so fly, so fly

You might see me when you look up in the sky like

There she go, (there she go), there she go, (there she go), there she go

There go that motherfucker

I'm so fly they should put me in disguise

My shits tight like they didn't put me in my size

I already know don't put me on surprise

They gone be like there he go if you put me in disguise

Only be with winners they should put me as a prize

And you pussy niggas should be put between some thighs

These diamonds here clearer than HD

Them niggas over there squarer then a H3

They can't reach us that is why they pointin baby

I'm on my job them bitches gonna need appointments baby

And if you suckas tryin to see me just look me up

I hope the first place you look be up

Here I go

Ugnh I did it yup yup I did it

I'm super fly with it paper arrives with it

Get the magazine if you wanna vibe with it

That rich young queen like I mixed Tide with it

Now I be live with it

I turns on my lovers the lollipop girls

Now they are all suckas

And we are all gutta

The flyest of em all

Light fi fire to em all

Yeah we airborn I took her airborn

Stones clear Like her mama was Liz Clairborne

I'm goin down down baby

Your street in a Spur flyin you see the blur

Ugnh what else!

There he go!

I'm doin my damn thing (there he go!)

Leanin off of that champagne (there he go!)

It's the homie they call cain (there he go!)

I'm gettin money you fools should do the same (there he go!)

Fly as a G4 plane (there he go!)

White and yellows all in the chain (there he go!)

Y'all niggas no I stay so fly

Got the top down when I blow by

With the dough I am multi

You know why

Ayo you see this the drop head coup I just added room

It's so crazy I should park it in "The Padded Room"

I'm with my bad young bitch she Israelian

Nigga, she so bad she got em staring like she alien

Philly B the one the bitches wanna deal with

Nowadays I just screw them like a drill bit

Straight Homicide and murder every verse rappin

Philly Freck bitch I'm flyer than the first captain

I'll take it, no contingencies

No loans, no leases

Cash, Fabolous

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