Fabolous - The World Is Yours (Freestyle) lyrics

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Whose world is this?

The world is yours x 2

It's mine x 3

Whose world is this?

It's mine x 3

Whose world is this?

The world is yours x 2

It's mine x 3

Whose world is this?


Hey, yo I can't stop till I kill 'em now that's dedication

You slow niggas get 38 special education

You ask who the sickest and in need of medication

They ain't gotta think too hard, ain't no need for meditation

It's me and my federation, flowin’ with steady pacin’

I'm a nightmare on Fridays, call me Freddy Jason

I'm ill with it, sometimes I lay in bed like patients

But can't sleep at night, the thoughts in my head are racin’

But niggas havin’ runs and forget the feds are patient

They jump behind niggas when they out here cheddar chasin'

Wait till your legs are tired, flip a regular buyer

Crack 'em and watch you scramble like eggs in fryin’, pans

The Testaross’s turn to testifyin’, man

The don't knows start identifyin’, damn

That's why I bullshit with them generic hoees

Hit it and show no emotion like I'm Derrick Rose

Bend 'em over put 'em in the Walls of Jericho’s

But I need queens not Hillside or Merrick hoers

Nigga every lyrics goes, I don't take a bar off

My chain hang like big tits with the bra off

Don't push buttons except for when I turn the car off

But homie in the Yankee let the AR off

Yea, I call him A-Rod nigga

If I point he start shootin’ like we play guard nigga

And that's the reason that I'm chillin’ Big Willie style

Check the chip toothy smile and my whips roof now

Got the stars in it and a honey with talent

The wraif black like homeboy from money and violence

I keep ballin' but never fallin’ 6 foot deep

[I'm out for presidents to represent me

(Say what?)[ x 2

I'm out for dead presidents to represent me


Whose world is this?

Is yours!

Its mine x 3

Who's world is this?

Hey! Every mornin’ I tell my son he gonna be a king

And every night I tell em the world is yours

I want him to believe that too

[Is mine x 3

Who's world is this?] x 2

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