Fabolous - The B.A.S. (Freestyle) lyrics

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Oh, I like this

This makes me feel like in 98'

Y'all know what I did in 98

Y'all know what I used to do back in 98', right?

I mean some of the young boys wasn't comin' outside yet, but

Lemme just show y'all


Look, it's like this and like that and like this and-a

It's like that and like this and like that, and-a

It's like this and like that and like this and-a

It's like that and like this and like that, yeah


I said bitches ain't shit and these niggas ain't either

My boy caught his girl cheatin' and he ain't leave her

He said 'she caught me befo', I ain't no said either'

I said 'I wouldn't give a fuck, bitch, we ain't even'

He said 'you just hot headed and it ain't fever'

I said 'you need to dead that, and you can't grieve 'er'

All I know is get this money, fuck a saint Deever

I chase paper like me and Ben Frank beefin'

I got a homie with a shawty point blank squeezin'

He'll pump you in the chest like you ain't breathin'

If it's a punch, y'all, it ain't no complaints either

He do 'em jaws with a mac named 8 Stevens

Straight off an iPhone, a text and you're done

Don't get caught up in my wordplay, a text is a gun

Heard yo man tried to warn you, the text, it ain't come

Too bad you ain't get it, cuz the text had to run

Let's get technical, son, all you niggas is foul

Out here singing 'Try Me' and sendin’ niggas to trial

You aint Dej Loaf, you took a hands raised oath

Pick a side and stay on it, you cant play both

I pay close attention like a goddamn watchdog

Get these hoes attention with my goddamn watch, dawg

My sister told me those the ones you gotta watch, dawg

Hit 'em then they're gone, don't believe me? Just watch, dawg

Aye, hold up, aye, yo, Clue, I got some mo' fo' 'em real quick

(Verse 2)

I said you fly this long, you usually run outta gas

That's I chase checks and neva run outta cash

I started out eatin' and I swear it's gon' continue

Word to Whitecastle, all you squares is on the menu

I'm like Coby after surgery, all you niggas knowin' that court

I'm the truth, and you otha niggas perjury

My city need me urgently, I see the bat sign

Just to see you niggas shine, I had to map mine

Beep beep, she hopped in it like a chatline

Then I kill her in the bed, flat line

You can't catch me unless yo bait is grown enough

The niggas in my corners said they hatin' long enough



Aye, all you niggas thinkin' you stuntin', you ain't stuntin' on me, nigga

We been there, we done that shit, man

All you 'my first rollie' ass niggas, man

We did this shit already, man

This shit was written, boy

You think you stuntin'?! You gotta do sum' we can't do or sum' we ain't do, nigga

Change and all that shit don't matter, man

We out here, man

We done did that man

Yeah, it's the Family, nigga

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