Fabolous - Take You Home lyrics

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<i>[Verse 1]</i>

Yeah, F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S

C'mon, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, yeah, yeah, c'mon

(If I take you home, will you still be my thug baby)

You gotta love the way this playa be minglin

If you don't tell yo man mama, I ain't sayin a thing and

That nigga got you used to the H.N.O. Kingsten

I'm fuckin limbos, lay on the wingfin

By the way I be blingin, the pay that I bring in

Mind spendin a day with the kingpin?

Answer yo cell, all day it been ringin

Tell that nigga, we on our way out to England

Them hips and tips, the way they be swingin

The way the be jinglin, letz stay til the spring and

Know I thugged you out, the way that you drinkin

And don't be scared cabby, the Yay I be slingin

Ma, I'm where you wanna be, if not

We can hop in a lid and fly where you wanna be

Yea, you a G, the type that ryde with them cameraz

Instead of the rearviews on the V, I know

<i>[Chorus (Lil' Mo)]</i>

I wonder if I take you home

Would you still be my thug baby

Because I need one tonight

I wonder if I take you home

Would you still be my thug baby

Because I need one tonight

<i>[Verse 2]</i>

Allright, okay...

You just gotta stay patient boo

I'ma make sho to take you, where eva you dream a vacation to

You can push the grey station thru

I'ma sit in the passanger, and rock Playstation 2

How da hell ??? been tweekin out

How you been sneekin out, spent weekends out

She'll be tired of trainin dat month

You probably be fakin' like you came and you ain't even nut

Miss I'll pipe you til you get a pain in yo gut

The kid'll be responsible for changin yo struck

Wherever you hurt, I'ma rub it down

I be ready to smack it up, flip it in public now

I know how to get you hot, I know how to hit yo spot

If I take you home, I know how to keep you stylin

I know how to keep you smilin if I take you home, let's go

<i>[Repeat Chorus]</i>

<i>[Verse 3]</i>

I think it's just that ladies ??

I'm in love with my red 6, and got a crush on a navy Caddy

I like'em deepcut, bust, with crazy fatties

They be wishin' I was just, they baby daddy

I'm the one that make it real easy

For you to just drop'em like he hot, like he Lil' Weezy

I ain't gon never make you feel sleezy

And I'ma put the roof up on the drop if it feel breezy

I love the way you smerk and giggle, jerk and wiggle

Throw yo legz up while I work the middle

Already told me how you strictly be witt'em

Now I'ma show you so much cash, that you'll quickly forget'em

I'm young, but know I'll have you in a bungalow

Fillin yo stomach wit Cris, yo lungz with dro

I'll have you sprung fa sho

It ain't gon be no limit where yo tongue will go, ya heard me?

<i>[Repeat Chorus with ad libs til fade out]</i>

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