Fabolous - Stunt 101 Freestyle lyrics

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Yeah uh uh

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

They love how the white 'Pala lean

The interior is Light Collard Green

With lights on it seems

The dope got a white powder gleam

Turns white college teens

To white collar fiends yeah

The fifth got a bright scholar beam

And put blood stains in ya white Stoll and Dean

Like girls in white Palis jeans

That look so burb but really hood like Hollis Queens

When it comes to carrying chrome

I done had more metals than Marian Jones

Its the kid with the jewelry that vary in stones

And that fresh off the boat like Jerry in Groan

My dogs'll stomp you 'till you barely can moan

And put you in the dirt like they burying bones

I talk wreckless and cockier

The necklace is rockier

And I just came back from Checkoslovakia

The constant hate is growin' old

I'm doin' concert dates and shows thats sold

If you get off my dick then just maybe you can concentrate on goin' gold

Lets get the nonsense straight you goin' cold

And i'm hotter than you ever been

Alot of ya'll ain't never been

Sucked 'till you dry by a hottie in the Netherlands

In a cottage with a set of friends

Why challenge and diss you?

I could buy talons and missles

Along with high caliber pistols

Why hate? if you had my talent and issues

You'd go in the club and buy gallons of Cris to




Thats a little taste

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November 4th

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