Fabolous - Special Delivery Freestyle lyrics

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Yeah please believe it

Believe it please

Ghetto Fuckin' Fab

Niggas yeah yeah yeah uh yeah yeah Street Family

Brooklyn we back

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

It wont stop 'till these young cowards bleed

So if you see the kid spittin' shells it ain't 'gon be sunflower seeds

Ya rims are too small rocks are too little

When ya talk to birds and rats like Dr. Dolittle

I barely reloads

I got those

Slugs that'll hit you in different area codes

Keepin' mine homie

I ain't Scarface I'm the quiet dude that creep behind Tony

I do it for fifty thousand

I'm the kid involved with more projects than New York City Housing

I get in ya girly's hiney

Cause they ain't seen the Jordans on my feet since the early ninetys

Since Box Beamers

I been bustin' on chick's faces 'till they look like they covered in Noxzema

I'm still be stashin' the sket

Even after my soundscan numbers look like the national debt holla


Uh yeah uh

Fabolous, Desert Storm

Please believe it

Believe it please

We here now

Yeah uh

[DJ Clue:]

DJ Clue, Desert Storm

You know how we do


Part 2 motherfucker

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