Fabolous - Sickalicious lyrics

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Uhhuhoh! yeahyeahuh! uh! yeahuh uh!

They call me g-h-e-t-t-o

Black star powerlike b-e-t shows

I'm usually pullin up in the g-t slow

Flashing my ring finger with the e-t glow

I'm that nuccaact rucka

Certified plat nucca

Semi-autogat bucca

Take that fucka

Lay flat sucka

I'm the negroamigo

Get every bay from tampa to montigo

They say I got the lifestyleand the e glow

I'm in the blow rangeno matter where he go

I'm that homie

Gat on me

I'm the kid not that phony

Anybody that know me

Knows I'm here to get that money! yeah!

[missy elliott]

Heeyyyy! now get that moneykeep them rims spicheeeeyyy!

24 shoes on my hummerand they fitting tiiigghhtt!

Fabolous and missysickalicious righhhhtttt.

If you a hater make my gun go (fabolous: blockablockablockablow!)


They call me f-a-bo-l-o

U-syou just lay down slow! (nigga)

Know this before thistrey pound blow (uh-huh)

Spit gameget dames to lay down low (ohh!)

I'm da poppy cholothe cops say the tops on the drops is to low

I shop till I dropwhen I'm coppin new clothes

Bop in the hopbut don't stop to use hoes

I'm that new dudethat include

Making sure silencers in the gat is screwed

With an it don't even matter mood

And a "fuck youpay me" attitude

I'm that young boythat slung boy

That'll have em sayingwhere you get that from boy

I'm still leaving niggasat one choice

So run when you hearthat gun noise! (blat!)

[missy elliott]

You say you richthen come and talk that shit to me


Buy your dvd's and tv'sbut I like shoes on my jeep


24-inch wheelsand a good gold grill in the front


Gotta closet made for big clothes

Gotta do more then treat me to lunch



They call me william h period bonnie

I ride in a seven series with tommie's

I make another on of america's hotties

And I'm that serious mommy

I'm the onelike the jet li flick

The private jet ski's sick

The motors on the jet ski's quick

The clips in the sets be thick

And I done slipped more shots in then gretzky's stick

I'm the one like penny hardaway's number

That's why dudes say it's hard to keep my broad away from ya

Once your bitchget the God 2-way number

It'll be hard to get a happy father's day from ya

I'm the onelike the piece that's on nelly's chain

You can't reach meI'm out of your celly range

Bitch I'll even put canary's up in your belly chain

And just to beat the traffichop in a helly main


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