Fabolous - She Wildin lyrics

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Ft. Chris Brown

(Intro: Chris Brown)

Ooh she wildin', wildin', ooh she wildin', wildin'

(Hook: Chris Brown)

Ooh she wildin', wildin', she do her thang, thang (x5)

She just want to shake sumethin'

Girl that ass gon' make money

Ooh she wildin', wildin', she do her thang, thang (x2)

Said she like it rough, beat that pussy up

Ya ain't neva fucked a thug, ya gon' fall in love

A bottle of that liquid courage on the way now

All my ladies takin' shots, I know that they down

(Verse: Fabolous)

I said ooh, she wildin' wildin', she do her thang thang

Lames get shot down, she do a bang bang

She attract rappers and the ones who do the same thang

Playas in the league and dope boys who slang thangs

All tryna pull up on her, all she do is lane change

They be all in the air, wanting her to be the main thing

Tryna lock her down, she ain't with the Chain Gang

Want to make her wifey, but no name change

She be on that Birkin to Chanel type of name change

She be stunting, she be on her Jackie Chan thang

Big set of Rollies in the sky, let yo thang swang

Might wear the iced out, might plain Jane,

Either way ya know what time it is, got to maintain

Mr. Chow's girl, not a P.F. Chang thang

Whole crew bad, it's a pretty gang thang

Long hair, don't care, let it hang thang


(Verse 2: Fabolous)

I said ooh, she pop a Molly and do her thang thang

Take the grapefruit and do that brain thang

Man, that ruby red, that shit done changed things

I'm about to bust, but before I go bang bang

Hold up, she climb up on it like she King Kong

Back and forth on that table, like she ping pong

She tell me play the dirty version, not the clean song

She tell me fuck her in the dark, with my bling on

And she do this thing to me, she know I like

She need no one to check, she know that mic

She like when Spider-Man climb up them walls

She be so wet, feel like ya in The Falls

She like Niagara, man fuck yo Viagra

She make ya cum fast and fuck up yo swagger

She make ya come back, like that boomerrang

Ooh she be wildin' when she do her thang

When she do her thang (x3)

Ooh she be wildin', when she do her thang

(Bridge: Chris Brown)

Ooh she wildin', yeah, yeah

Ooh she wildin', oh no, ooh she


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