Fabolous - Respect lyrics

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YeaI ain't scared of you motherfuckers

I ain't no killer right

But y'all niggaz gon' make me one

For real.. leave me aloneshit

You fuckin with the wrong one brotha

I'm telling ya

I'm sittin in the crib dreamin about killin ya

With machine guns shotties and desert e dilligers

Putting a bullet as big as a battery through a niggaz anatomy

And watchin him die slow

You need full clips to push up in the joint

When you in the kinda truck that I push up to the joint

Cuz theses motherfuckaz will push him to the point

That you'll end up locked down doin push ups in the joint

But they'll box you in the corner

And you can throw ya fists up and act like you a boxer on his corner

Ride wit ya gun in your glove box instead of on ya

You'll be six feet deep in one of them boxes if you wanna

Not meI squeeze the clips drop from the handle

Till your remains is in a urn on top of the mantle

Till everybody scramble off the block like they randall (run)

Till there's a murial on your block and some candles

Who wanna die?


I don't wanna kill no one but I ain't no motherfuckin punk

I don't wanna kill no one but I ain't no motherfuckin chump

I don't wanna kill no one but I ain't no motherfuckin clown

Cuz i'ma have to kill someone just to get some respeck

My teflons will have you screamin like wyclef jean (someone please call 9-1-1)

But if they ever get the watch on my left arm

Ima have more bury than that guy stephon

First they put that white seed over you brother

Then the newspapers put you all over the cover

Then you in a suit one hand cross over the other

Next you in the earth with the dirt over you brother

A tinted hearse is what most men leave in

Followed by a limo full of family and close friends greavin

When you pull the marijuana

Ima wanna kill you as bad as the terminator wanted sarah connor

But I'm loosin my patience

Fuck it send me to the island I could use a vacation

Now it's easy for me to understand

How you could just kill a man


I'd rather be judged by twelve

Than carried by the six

My gun ain't on my manor carried by my chicks

My gun ain't in my crib or carried in the six

If I'm right here niggathen this right here nigga

Picture me putting my hearse

Like I ain't gotta a clip full a hollow tips to put in these jerks

I might as well put in the work

Spit em up outta herre and get em up outta here

I got the juice like bishop had wit him

That just don't give a fucksemi

Like ol' dog had wit him

I'm sayin prayers for my enemy

I hope God bless him before the fucker run into me

I dunnowhat the fuck has got into me

But I know I don't want them slugs goin into me

I'm just tryin to live my life

So niggaz better give me my respect or give me life


Look what you made me do man

Look what you made me do man

I didn't want it to come to the right

But fuck it..

Niggaz will push you to that point man

Niggaz will play with you so much man

Aggravate you so much man

That you wanna kill a nigga man


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