Fabolous - Rap City Freestyle Lyrics lyrics

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Ok, ok, Bronx style now

It's off the top

Big Tig blaz'n hot never warm

Fabolous, DJ Clue

You know thats Desert Storm

Goin all through I might snatch ya girl

Puttin it down for BX

P-O-sterboy puttin it down for Harlem world

Jerry curl your block with the hot stuff

Big Tig comin on down yea, I got stuff

Got a few things

Got a few rings

Just a lil bling

Ya girl still sing

When I come 'round, Big Tigger puttin it down

Uh, never holdin the Fo' pound

I just, keep it real and slide to the left

While my man Fabolous come and make it hot to def


F-A-B, ghetto

F-A-B, yeah, uh, yeah, uh

Yo, it must be the way I got these broads swarmin'

Cuz now even these old dudes

Is givin me grills like George Forman

Ya'll think its somethin to bubble nickels

I'm on the C.L. waiting list

Bout to jump in the double nickel

And slim keep grinnin

She gotta like the way I stop at the light and the rims keep spinnin

The god will spray with no warnin'

Next thing you know

Heat is on yo chest, like Hardaway and Zo' Mournin

After yo wife

See my watches lid

She want me to bust in her eye so she can watch my kids

I'm still in the club

Ready for the grimes with nine shots

I'm hard headed, I aint learn from the time that Sean got

D.A. know I'm still gettin that Hershey Its playa cool

You never see me sweat in my jersey

I been in the P since

Ya'll been in the Precinct

Screamin F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S yeah!


Yea, Posterboy, yo, aye yo, check, yo

Aye yo the kid keep a *BEEP* under the blouse

And my girl got a *BEEP* body under the house

And you know I keep it gangsta

I dont run to the south

My 16's move the crowd from *BEEP* under the mouth

In a minute me and Free gon' smash the market

Puff Puff exhale ma pass the *BEEP*

When the, see the whip they run right to it

All they got is hard *beep* and some white *BEEP*

A star in the hood but Im bigger in Brazil

Kill a booth and leave Tigger on the wheel

Ya see me V.I.P guest room

And real men kill men in the restroom

So, shy he blessed to be

If I wave my arm it look like 42nd street, Bling

Its quiet here

You can tell Im in the club when police in riot gear

Everybody wanna shy in they photo pictures

Cuz I walk in the tunnel with them go-go strippers

Its a rumor that I twist Mariah

But Im really in a car studio tryna get with Mya

Ma fiend to have me, ya'll seen the Caddy

Hub caps poke out like Trina fatty

And I never give the D.A. proof

They just find a promoter *BEEP* in the DJ booth


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