Fabolous - Rap City Freestyle lyrics

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Don't get much slicker than fab I strap up with the eagles

Throw bullets just as quick as a man

Flicker or jab quicker than ash

Any chick that I stab says she can feel a dick in her ass

It's a like it or not thing they like how the watch bling

And I got cars like micheal has got rings

Might spice a chicken like she a hot wing

Never tell her to bounce like if she got springs

Nicks talk slick on the mic to the shot spring

And I holla fly like I Got wings

Cops wanna see this man

Flash my picture ask my neightbous did they see this man

Lemme take a long breather

Before I be on the inside telling my story to don diva

That's why I gota lawyer that Don't please my case

Walk even if the judge ID my face

Got a problem that my cars couldn't Rebitrace

And a problem with playin jus cuz I Need my space

With a hong chong ckick

The green and gold bronze on that'll make the bishop don juan sick

I done too much to get this three hundred

Nigga this Yankee cost some big franky's

That's why I'm so slick and gravy

Slick and gravy mixed with oh yeah

Probably seen me on saint nicks on Broadway

Lookin for some chicks in broad way

But Im not a brooklyn rapper starring for a tape on recap

The boy gets some paper when he raps

And I keep a down ass chick straight on her knee caps

To keep the family business confidential

Chick looks pretty in the continental

U kno what the man do its Monumental

The way I be stitchin on em

I'm like a hustler in the 80's when the dude saw the sticthin on em

Im in the seven jeans with the orange stichy on it

One of em t-shirts with the bigger picture on em

I'm too big man And I'm so Brooklyn

The name is just enough to get your throat token

The real talk new york is holding the toast tighter

I'ma ghostwriters for ghostwriters

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