Fabolous - Rap City Freestyle (05.07.07) lyrics

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[4 Fizzle:]

Be clear you already know what it is

Meanin the booth is alive and well

4 Fizzle my man Fabolous right now

Paul Cain hes in the building

Street Fam

Its about to go down

Fab please please bless it


Yes sir

Got my homie Paul Cain in the house

You know what I mean?

Reppin that Street Fam

You know how we do

Check it out Yo

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

Straight out of Brooklyn a baby mama snatcher named Ghetto

Invisible set glow

Full clip to let go

Back in the metro

Fresh off the jet though

Fifty grand richer from a thirty minute set show

Gangsta but i'm the flyest you ever met ho

Button up etro

The Air Jordan Retro

Million dollar neck row

Got homie upset so

Now I get the bank and make them petty dudes bet mo'

Told you from the get go

Ya'll can't deny it

I just supply it

For those who buy it

Now I ride by it

It might start a riot

Chicks won't quiet

Long enough to try it

Dirt they throwin' mud slides on my name

They never seen this kind of stud size in a chain

I analyze that like i'm Billy Crystal

I'm forced to move around with this nine milly pistol

[4 Fizzle:]

What more do we need to say man?

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