Fabolous - Nu Gambino lyrics

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Ft. Jazzy

(Intro x2)

It was slow tho, then it sped up


If I get that kiss on the cheek

It's Rest in peace

Leave your body wrapped in the sheets

Go clean my piece

2 come together make 1

And if we have a son he gone shine like one

Feel me?

(Verse : Fabolous)

pipes on the ‘rati like sawed off shotty's

Like my pockets knotty and mob like a gotti

Don't want your thotty that hoe pussy probably

burn like the deserts of Mahabi, Wasabi

Abu Dhabi summertime in hell

Heard that box hot like summer time in jail

Need a bitch to mob wit me , Nu Gambino

Let her meet the family give her my bambino

You want the big fish or a damn nemo

See these new jacks is just too damn emo

You ain't got cash money brother you couldn't of been Nino

Ain't even G-Money if you ain't got the ten c notes

My lady friend she knows , my tints three oh

So you can't see her neck in the Benzino

Feel me?Power turn her on cowards turn her off , yeah

Left her drippin' like the shower turnin' off

(Hook x2)

(Post-Chorus: Jazzy)

I’m your Nu Gambino, I’m your Nu Gambino

I’m your Nu Gambino, I’m your Nu Gambino

(Verse 2 : both)

Me and shorty like ginger and Nicki

Tell me her man problems then she give me the licky

She say I always make her laugh then take off her vickys

One time I hit her from the back , screamin' out ricky (riiicky)

She like you so fuckin' stupid then proceeded to fuck me stupid

She say I need a good girl

Like she the fuckin' blue print

I cannot fall in love bitches probably fucking cupid

Too much time on the road, he wifed a fucking groupie

Treat her like a Bentley , she really a fucking hoopty

She lookin' at me like , why ya can't commit (what?)

I'm lookin' at her like ya why I can't commit (bitch)

What if Bonnie would have cheated on Clyde?

Let another nigga beat it on the side

Is that still yo ride or die?

Can ya still look him eye to eye?

(Hook x2)


(Verse 3 : Fabolous)

Mobflix and chill

God father , good fella

I start movin' in way before the movie end

This the part when they wack the boss

Now come over here and wack a boss

Dinner at Carbone

Its kinda heavy on the carbs though

Veil and S-cargo

The bill look like a car note

Mafioso told her call me Mafiloso

When we out on that im Maficostal

My son the prince King Jofi Joflow

Look , we stead mobbin' ridin' wit me

Ya ready robin? They petty robbin'

Takin' shots but cheddar bobbin'

We get it poppin' , really cakin'

We Betty crockin'

One eye on the money got to keep on Fetty Wappin'

One eye on ya snitches

Cause I know the feds be watchin'

Bought my son a Rollie so that boy already watchin'

Watch em' grow into a young Corleone

Young rollie on the boy out of here

Young Og gone

(Verse 4: Jazzy)

Wrist this , wrist that

Where yo time at?

Click this , click that

Where yo nine at?

Pull up and we just might meet ya

Don't know?

Got a nigga that will teach ya

Let a nigga then try to get low

Hate to break it to him but he got to go

Claim top ten

Nigga where ya dime at?

Wrist this , wrist that

Where yo time at?

(Hook x2)


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